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About Us

Know The Reasons Behind Our Success

Moving in and out of India can be quite a stressful and challenging experience , with all the customs duties, not being able to take the shipment out of the port in Container, multiple handling of cargo at the port and the possibility of Pilferage that is rampant.

To ensure that these challenges are overcome its important to speak with people who have decades of experience dealing with these issues.

IndiRelo is is an accumulation of relocation professional who have vast experience in the global relocation business, professionals who have lived and worked in India and overseas.

These professionals will assist you with the question and challenges that you are going to face during an International relocation from or to India.

Based on our experience we can easily evaluate who the right partners are for you in the relocation business, only choosing companies that follow best practices and that have the right combination of quality moving services and competitive pricing.

This means that you can save time and money for your upcoming move and concentrate on other aspects of your relocation

Feel free to call us at +91-7042-057-264 for assistance OR fill in our online moving quote form to get started.